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upcoming workshops:

Los Angeles - Aug 23-25, 2024

Proudly supported by


The Joy Music House Score Production Workshop is designed to train working composers to produce their own scoring sessions effectively and efficiently. Through a combination of masterclasses, personalized one-on-one instruction and feedback, and hands-on experience recording with the best of studio musicians they will learn the variety of skills required to produce high-quality scoring sessions.

Program structure

Preparation Sessions

Leading up to the in-studio weekend, there will be four evening zoom classes featuring score production instruction with Catherine Joy, feedback from musicians, and guest interviews with JMH Composer Clients. 


Participants will also have three one-on-one sessions where the JMH team will work with the composer participants as they compose, orchestrate and prepare their pieces for recording.


In-Studio Weekend:

Friday Meet & Greet

Get to know the JMH team

Receive all printed scores

Final preparations for studio sessions


Saturday - Brass and Woodwinds (8 piece)

10:00-1:00 Score producing masterclass with Catherine Joy

2:00-5:00 Round 1 of Composer Participant recording

6:30-9:30 Round 2 of Composer Participant recording


Sunday - Strings (12 piece)

10:00-1:00 Score producing masterclass with Catherine Joy

2:00-5:00 Round 1 of Composer Participant recording

6:30-9:30 Round 2 of Composer Participant recording


Program Completion Celebration! 

PRogram Includes

4 weeks of Zoom Instruction

3 One-on-One Sessions

50 minutes of Recording & Producing time

All meals on studio days

Session Photography and Videography

Printing of Score and Parts

Mixed Final Track

composer tier


  • Composition Experience (Selected credits required)

  • Familiarity with and license for a notation software - Sibelius (preferred), Dorico, Finale (PDF of a recent score sample required)

  • Must be in person for studio days

auditor tier


  • Access to all group zoom classes

  •  Invitation to all in-studio activities

  • One on One Instruction with Catherine Joy

  • All meals

While auditors cannot ask questions on the zoom or in-studio sessions, they are welcome to join the group for all meals and ask questions of JMH team members, musicians and participants during those hang-out times. They are a valued part of the program!

limited seats available!

LA workshop applications
close june 7th

Frequently Asked Questions


As composers, we’re lucky when we have the opportunity and budget to record live musicians, whether it be chamber ensembles or full orchestras. Producing these recording sessions is a skill that doesn’t come naturally.


When score producing you need to run the session, direct both the musicians and the engineer, keep an eye on the time, mentally process the takes as they are happening, problem shoot and strategize how to get the sound you need in that moment. Every second that ticks by is money spent. It is a lot of pressure!


The JMH Score Production Workshop will equip you with those skills and then provide you the chance to use them, just like in real life. You will then receive feedback and do it all again the next day!


Applicants should provide music from projects they've been involved in. Here are the types of media scoring credits you can submit:

  1. Published Media: Films, TV, or games that you have written music for.

  2. Short Films: Scores created for short film projects.

  3. Streaming Platforms: Music that has been released on streaming services.

  4. Concerts: Pieces composed for live performances.

  5. Personal Projects: Compositions made for your own projects, whether they are public or private.

  6. Unreleased Works: Music that has not yet been released to the public but showcases your abilities.

JMH is interested in understanding your journey and development as a composer. By submitting a variety of works, you provide a comprehensive view of your experience and trajectory in media scoring. This helps us assess your eligibility and how the workshop can best support your growth as a composer. 



Absolutely! We welcome applications from composers at all stages of their career, including current students and recent graduates.

JMH is dedicated to supporting composers in every possible way, regardless of where you are in your educational and professional journey. Our workshop aims to provide valuable guidance and resources tailored to help you grow and succeed in your scoring career. 

Once you enter the workshop you will be treated as a professional composer, and when you are producing your music on the studio weekend you will be producing your session as a professional, without a teacher hovering over you. Our goal is to prepare you for, and provide you with the experience of a professional recording session.  


Feeling hesitant about submitting your notation sample is completely understandable, but don't worry—we're here to help you improve and grow. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

  1. Experience with Notation Software: It's important that you have experience working with notation software before participating in the workshop. This ensures that you are familiar with the basic functions and can focus on refining your skills.

  2. Notating a Performance Piece: During the workshop, you will be required to notate a piece that will be performed. Your notation sample is a crucial step in preparing for this task, so submitting a sample helps us understand your current level and how best to support you.

  3. Skill Development: Our workshop is designed to help you improve and refine your existing notation skills. While the workshop is not a place to learn notation software from scratch, it is an environment where you'll receive support, guidance, and constructive feedback to enhance your abilities.

Remember, the goal of submitting your notation sample is to allow us to provide the best possible support tailored to your needs. We encourage you to take this step confidently, knowing that it's a valuable part of your learning journey.



No, you do not need to have a piece of music written before the workshop begins. As part of the workshop process, you will be composing a piece specifically for the recording session. This composition will be created during the month leading up to the recording session, allowing you to develop and refine your work with the support and guidance provided throughout the workshop. This ensures you have ample time and resources to create a high-quality piece for the final recording.



Currently, financial aid options are available only for members of the Alliance for Women Film Composers in good standing applying for the Composer Tier. However, JMH is continuously seeking additional sponsorship and support to expand financial aid opportunities in the future. We encourage you to check back for updates.

For AWFC members, to be considered, apply for the workship and fill out the AWFC Financial aid section by pasting in your AWFC directory URL. This can be found by going to the AWFC directory and copying the URL of your professional membership page.



Feel free to reach out to us with any additional questions at any time. We are here to help and support in making the JMH Score Production Workshop as clear and accessible as possible. We’d love to hear from you!

Interested in Future workshops?:

about Joy Music House

Joy Music House is a woman-lead business working towards innovating the world of score production with a commitment to community, diversity and equality. We are composers supporting composers through all areas of score production while uplifting the community and providing a spotlight for emerging and diverse creators. We have teams in LA, New York, and London.

Composers can find the resources they need at JMH, whether it is an assistant for three days or a score production team for a month.

Think of us as an elite force of musical operatives, ready to come on board at a moment’s notice.

about Catherine joy

Catherine Joy is a composer, music producer and Adjunct Faculty of the Masters Screen Scoring program at New York University Steinhardt. She has score produced seven of her own orchestral scores including Home is a Hotel, Women In the Front Seat, and Potato Dreams of America and over 40 scores for other composers including Miriam Cutler, Emile Mosseri, Steven Argila, Drum&Lace and Ian Hultquist. Credits include the Oscar-nominated score for Minari, the score for Emmy-winning series Wild Wild Country and Emmy-Nominated RBG and Love, Gilda. Catherine also recently won the 2024 Society of Composers and Lyricists David Raksin Emerging Talent Award. 

While scoring projects in Los Angeles she started copying, orchestrating, score supervising and eventually score producing for film composers in the Los Angeles film composer community and beyond. This led to her founding the full service Score Production company Joy Music House in 2018 which is an elite team of composers providing support in all aspects of score production for their fellow composers. 


Catherine believes in community building and composers supporting composers. She is a long-time member of the Society of Composers and Lyricists, is currently on the board of the Alliance for Women Film Composers and was the President from 2021 - 2023. Catherine has also mentored for Women In Animation and Women’s Audio Mission.

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